Earth Whispers Book SeriesEarth Whispers Are Real

Cathy Cyr has been listening to earth whispers for as long as she can remember. After over two decades of working with children, she’s created (and is still creating) books to help kids discover the wonders of nature. Get comfy and settle in for a great read while you peek into the secret lives of plants and creatures.

The first book in the series, Leila’s Journey, tells the story of a frightened leaf who learns how to adapt to the seasons. In the second book, Jay the Jet Seed we meet a determined young seed pod. He takes flight lessons from his friend, Hector. Will they help Jay reach his goal? Stay tuned to find out if Jay’s flight is a success!

All Cathy’s children’s books are available through the author and on Amazon in print and eBook.

Tumble Anna will be out in late 2019! There are more books to come so check back often for updates and information.

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