Being Thankful

Yesterday was a day full of thanks. Over the last eight years of dealing with Meniere’s Disease, I built a huge team of doctors/counsellors etc. to help me deal with the symptoms of Meniere’s. Yesterday I went around a gave one of my books to each one of these people. Without these hero’s in my life I don’t think I’d have the courage to start over as a writer/illustrator.

Meniere’s disease is very unpredictable and causes many physical and mental challenges. It’s a day to day kind of condition. All my doctors were so thrilled for me. My heart felt full and it felt so good to see them with good news for a change. I do have a story which relates to my condition. It’s called ‘Wobbles’ about a fox with broken inner ears. It’s behind 4 or 5 Earth Whispers books. Never give up on your dreams, follow your passions, live your best life one day at a time. ✌🏻


2 thoughts on “Being Thankful”

  1. I read Leila’s Journey to my daycare children during circle time on monday and continued to read it everyday that week …. I ask one of the children to pick the book every morning they just loved it !!! Tells a beautiful story that the children were captivated by !!! Absolutely loved it

  2. That means a lot Jessica. Especially knowing how much you love books, I’ve seen your book collection, it’s an honour to be in it. I’m so glad your daycare friends loved Leila’s Journey. I hope they listen and notice Earth’s Whispers all around them. The children may look at leaf buds a little different this spring.

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