You’ll love our children’s books!

You are about to enter a world where you can actually hear plants and animals talk!  This is the world of the Earth Whispers; a world where adults and kids get to explore nature and all her secrets in these children’s books.

Author and illustrator, Cathy Cyr, hears Earth Whispers whenever she is in nature. She took these whispers and turned them into books for all to enjoy. Parents, caregivers, teachers and educators love these stories. As an added bonus, there is a Fun Facts section and a Question section at the back of each book. Books can be purchased in small quantity through Amazon, or wholesales through the author. They are also available at specialty stores throughout the Okanagan. Contact Cathy Cyr today for more information.

You can also find Cathy’s books by author on Amazon.

Click on the covers to learn more about each book in the Earth Whispers series and where to purchase them.

Leila's Journey, children's books, nature, leaves
Jay the Jet Seed, children's books, nature, plants, trees
Tumble Anna to the Rescue - cover of book