Leila's Journey book cover

The first book in the Earth Whispers’ series is Leila’s Journey. Come and see what it’s like to live your life on a tree! Join Leila as she discovers the wonders of being a leaf. With the help of her friend Cara, Leila welcomes new friends and learns how to be brave and change with the seasons. Read along with your child as they discover the life-cycle of a leaf and how life changes with the passing seasons. They’ll love how Leila learns about sharing and helping others.

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Here is a sneak preview of some of the pages!

Leila's Journey Preview 1
Leila does not want to come out of her cozy bud.
She thinks it is too cold outside.
Leila's Journey Preview 2
Once Leila opens up she realizes how nice and warm it is outside.
The sun feels great!
Leila's Journey Preview 3
Leila learns to love spring and summer. When the weather turns colder,
she doesn’t want to change. Will she be able to let go?

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