Tumble Anna to the Rescue is the third book in the Earth Whispers collection.

Tumble Anna to the Rescue - cover of book

Once a year, the Tumbleweed Tumblers put on a big event to show off their best moves. Tumble Anna wants to be a Tumbler, but the hook on the bottom of her stem makes it hard for her. Her practice pays off and she joins the Tumblers.

A sudden gust of wind gives Tumble Anna a chance to save the day.

Here is a preview of what you’ll find inside.

Tumble Anna wishes she could tumble with the Tumblers

Tumble Anna wants to join the Tumbler team, but she has a hard time tumbling.

Tumble Anna flips and flops

Anna tries to tumble but her hook gets in the way.

Tumble Anna Practices so she can join the Tumblers

Anna practised doing side tumbles and it worked! Her hook didn’t get in the way.

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