Here it all begins.

Not so long ago I was picking up leaves and buds off the ground to use in my story time with my daycare friends. Everyone was so excited to hear Leila’s Journey, especially the part when she’s so scared when she’s sees Cara’s fall colours appear. My favourite part was the cheers and claps from all 8 of my 3&4 year olds when Leila finally lets go and falls down to her family below. One time I even got a standing ovation. I knew I had something here. Leila is kinda like me right now, it’s been my Journey too. I had to fight many fears and meet the right people and get the courage to just go for it.

Cathy 🍁



2 thoughts on “Here it all begins.”

  1. I’m so proud of you Cathy! I’m so happy that your dreams of writing children’s books about the wonders of nature are coming true. It’s been a long time coming my friend! xoxo

    1. Thank you Laura, your love of nature can be seen in your beautiful photography on my website and Author Facebook page. Walking through nature with you is so magical. Thank you for sharing your photos with me.

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