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  1. Children’s books are not just for children to learn to read. As a parent or caregiver reads Leila’s Journey to a child, every single page is an opportunity for teaching and discussion of some potentially deep and difficult situations and feelings. This is most certainly a reflection of Cathy’s many years of working with children and knowing what does and doesn’t work in story-telling. As a parent-educator, I demonstrate the necessity of story-telling and reading to children. This is the book I’ve chosen to use at their “graduation” day, and the parents have expressed their appreciation for how the theme of change has been written. Colleagues have asked to borrow it, and it has become a staple in my family support practice. Cathy, I’m looking forward to making a collection of all Earth Whispers.

    Jay the Jet Seed Is more than a story of a young jet seed; it teaches the value of intergenerational relationships and the wisdom that elderly seeds can pass along to younger ones. It teaches about the value of story-telling, of asking questions, and growing up. I love how this book teaches about transitions and independence, while still holding on to the relationships that develop during younger years. Cathy’s books are not just entertaining stories of endearing characters. There is a depth to these books unmatched by others. Another great book, Cathy!

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