Leila’s Journey and Emergent curriculum

This autumn, Leila’s Journey has been used in many Daycare/Preschool curriculums. Many of my fellow E.C.E professionals are experts in emergent curriculum. Emergent curriculum is directed by children’s take on the world around them. This is how I’ve always ran my daycare. It just felt right, it made sense to me. Plus the children became 100% engaged in the curriculum. My books all allow for this emergent planning. It seems so simple yet as an educator you must try and see the world through children’s eyes, listen closely to their questions and observe how they explore the materials. My cupboards burst with materials to encourage emergent planning. I always felt like a magician, the children would ask the question “what if?” I would rush to my bursting organized to me cupboards and pull out the answer to their questions. The look in the children’s eyes was amazement, delight, excitement and then discovery. It was a thrill to see this. Hearing that my fellow E.C.E’s are using Leila’s book in emergent curriculum encourages me to continue writing and drawing my books with children’s curiosities about the world in mind. This fills my heart.

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