Leila’s Journey Book Reviews

Shannon Taylor

“Words can not articulate how wonderful this story has been written and told by Cathy! So much thought and detail and imagination in the story line, and the characters and illustrations really bring it to life. Cathy has been a very close friend for almost 40 years and I had the privilege of having my son grow up in her daycare until he hit kindergarten and she is still a huge part of his life and he LOVES the book! Her imagination and storytelling are legendary and I am beyond excited to get the next book in her series once she publishes it. I hope very soon because it is going to be a goodie!!!! Congratulations Cathy!”

Gramma D
“I am beyond proud of Cathy for pursuing her dreams. How hard it was for her to ‘retire’ from her profession as an Early Childhood Educator; which she was so perfectly suited and wholeheartedly engaged in. I am forever grateful for the impressionable time my grandson and I had with her. I truly believe Cathy has begun an equally impressionable career in her writing. Her passion and sensitivity come through and captures the imagination of the reader. I read ‘Leila’s Journey’ with a preschool group and they asked for it repeatedly… and that is the best ‘review’ you can get… I think. It will proudly sit on my grandchildren’s bookshelf as well as mine.”
Laura C.

“Cathy tells a story about Leila, a young leaf who doesn’t like change. As change is inevitable for all of us, young and old, I love how Cathy uses the changing seasons to ease Leila’s anxieties and show her the wonders of change. This book expresses to young children that change can be exciting! They will love the story and the wonderfully done illustrations.”

Angelika Hogan



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