Selling Leila’s Journey

Lately I’ve been meeting with distributors to sell Leila’s Journey. I realize that no matter what you sell your actually selling yourself/your philosophy/your passions. When I ran my Mulit-Age daycare/pre-school program (Fuzzy Bear Daycare) I always thought I was selling available spots, but it was always about selling myself.  The biggest thing I’ve learned about the differences between selling books and daycare spots is it’s exactly the same. I thought Meniere’s Disease changed everything about me. It hasn’t changed anything really. I still believe in a more natural lifestyle, loving and taking care of nature, then teaching children to do the same. I was ‘that’ daycare that made a mud pit to play in, climb ladders and pick fruit from the trees then baked pies, bury ourselves under 5 feet the leaves, flooding the sandbox and building a dam, buying plants and planting our own garden. I could go on and on. Everyday my heart aches for my old life. I’m so glad I can still share my love of nature through my books. 22 years is a long teaching career, I still see children out in public (some are adults) who still remember their adventures at Fuzzy Bear Daycare. That fills my heart.

Cathy 🍁

2 thoughts on “Selling Leila’s Journey”

  1. Cathy- you had the best Daycare! My heart aches every day too for those days when I got to bring ‘little grandson Owen to your lovely ‘let children be children’ setting. You always had a place for him and i’ll never ever forget that. One of my all time favourite photos is of Owen at 2 years old climbing the ladder and reaching for cherries in the cherry tree. 💕

  2. Owen was always so excited with every activity I would present to the children. He was a pleasure to work with. His personality was so inquisitive and enthusiastic!! It means everything to me that you and your daughter chose me to be part of his education experience.
    Cathy 🌱

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