Selling Leila’s Journey

Lately I’ve been meeting with distributors to sell Leila’s Journey. I realize that no matter what you sell your actually selling yourself/your philosophy/your passions. When I ran my Mulit-Age daycare/pre-school program (Fuzzy Bear Daycare) I always thought I was selling available spots, but it was always about selling myself.  The biggest thing I’ve learned about the differences between selling books and daycare spots is it’s exactly the same. I thought Meniere’s Disease changed everything about me. It hasn’t changed anything really. I still believe in a more natural lifestyle, loving and taking care of nature, then teaching children to do the same. I was ‘that’ daycare that made a mud pit to play in, climb ladders and pick fruit from the trees then baked pies, bury ourselves under 5 feet the leaves, flooding the sandbox and building a dam, buying plants and planting our own garden. I could go on and on. Everyday my heart aches for my old life. I’m so glad I can still share my love of nature through my books. 22 years is a long teaching career, I still see children out in public (some are adults) who still remember their adventures at Fuzzy Bear Daycare. That fills my heart.

Cathy 🍁

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