Spring has arrived

It’s been so exciting to notice my little characters ‘Leila and Cara’ opening their buds. Spring warms the air and nature comes back to life. I find myself actually talking to the buds on the trees. Holding them in my hands and running my fingers over there soft buds. Luckily no one has caught me. Lol. I’m so connected to nature. It’s like it’s an extension of my mind, body and soul. It helps me feel less lonely.  My appreciation for the tiny things in our big beautiful and sometimes devastating world seem to become more each day. My hope is that my book series will allow our new generation of nature lovers to pass on the message of ‘Listen and Believe’ to the future believers. When we love something we (usually) take care of it. Nature must be cared for.  This way it can be just as beautiful for many more generations to come.

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