Tumble Anna to the rescue!

Tumble Anna to the Rescue has been sent off to the editor!! I’m so excited to share this story. Anna is like so many of us. Having something that holds us back from being our best selves. When you start to believe in yourself, that’s when you can overcome any disadvantage. Whether it is a physical or mental disability or just a confidence issue. With encouragement from people around us and finding the courage to ask for help, it can be all you need to achieve your goals and dreams. I’m a perfect example of achieving a dream. It may take me longer to accomplish things. Especially when my illness sneaks up on me. I just tell myself… this too shall pass and when things settle, off I go; writing stories, spending time with children and living life. Achieving and succeeding my goals. I hope children will hear this message as they read Tumble Anna story. We are all unique, with our own special abilities. Embrace your own uniqueness and love yourself.

Cathy 🌾

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