Walking In the forest.

Everyday I go walking in the forest with my dogs. Ever since I was a young child I’ve spent a lot of time in the forest. When I grew up my backyard was a huge forest full of trees, stumps, trails, huge rocks even a creek. I left after breakfast and came home for dinner. It’s just what us kids did in the 80’s. Our parents didn’t worry unless we weren’t home for dinner.  It’s always been where I feel light and refreshed and free. I’m not sure if it’s the colours, smells or sounds. It’s like all my senses are triggered.

Since developing Meniere’s disease I’ve lost most of my hearing. I do wear double hearing aids.  So most sounds sound like Whispers to me when I’m not wearing my aids. My dogs warn me of sounds that I can’t hear. Now I find I use my sense of touch and sight more often. Often I’ll slow down and sit on a rock/stump or on a pile of snow and just take in the forest with my senses. I’m grateful for my imagination, it’s a gift I’ve had since I was born. I’m pretty sure that’s why I was met to work with children. Working with children is one of the most natural things I’ve done in my life. I hope I’ve instilled the love of nature in every child I’ve met over the years. I will continue with my books of Earth’s little Whispers.




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